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Writing is a lonely business.


You spend your days staring at a screen, and then your face in the mirror lamenting yourself for being completely incapable of getting the words on the page. It's enough to drive any human completely bonkers, especially when you have no one to talk to about it.

The Riff Raff is here to change that...we want to hang out.

The world of publishing can be a scary place for someone who's been wearing dirty tracksuit bottoms for the last week, and who's only interaction comes from the neighbourhood's cats. It can feel like you're the only person in the world thinking what you're thinking - will this ever happen? Is this all going to be worth it? 


The Riff Raff is the love child of Amy Baker and Rosy Edwards - friendly humans who wanted to create a welcoming community where debut authors could come to read their work to a lovely crowd of fellow writers and book enthusiasts. It's an informal opportunity for aspiring authors to chat to, and quiz, those who've just had their first work published. 


While Rosy has moved on to pastures new, Amy is still facilitating monthly boozing, mingling and words of encouragement. 

Come along. I'm excited to meet you. 

Amy Baker.jpg

Hello. I’m Amy and I wrote this little number, "Miss-Adventures: A Tale of Ignoring Life Advice While Backpacking Around South America. It’s all about my decision to ignore all of the advice people were offering me about how to proceed in life, and to instead go seek my own answers in the wilds of South America. Have a read. It’s a funny and honest book.

I want to meet as many people as possible who are involved or interested in writing and books. When I'm not organising The Riff Raff, I’m working on my second book, writing copy for travel companies and social enterprises and penning a sci-fi comedy script - which could well be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever admitted to in a public forum. It’s awesome. There are aliens.


Come say hi on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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