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Work with a published author from £150...

Mini Shakedown: up to 5k words

- x2 1 hour Skype calls

- In-depth written feedback

- 30-day support


Midi Shakedown: up to 10k words

- x2 1 hour Skype calls

- In-depth written feedback

- 30-day support


Mighty Shakedown: up to 20k words

- x2 1 hour Skype calls

- In-depth written feedback

- 30-day support

- 10% off The Riff Raff Mentoring Scheme


If you've exhausted the good will of your friends and family, or - as is often the case - those you've shared your work with are just too supportive to tell you what really needs work, it's time to ask a real life author! 

The Manuscript Shakedown allows you to have a published author within your genre read and assess your work, to offer invaluable feedback on what you've produced and suggestions for how it could be developed further. 

Whether you need a confidence boost or an intensive analysis, we offer three packages of Manuscript Shakedown that are designed to meet you where you are in your writing journey. In some instances we can offer bespoke packages to cover the amount of words you would like assessed.   

To discuss your project and to apply drop Amy an email


What do folk have to say about The Riff Raff Manuscript Shakedown?

"The Manuscript Shakedown was nothing short of a revelation for me. I was feeling fatigued with my WIP and frankly a bit lost as I embarked on the early stages of editing my 1st complete draft. I had niggles I didn't know how to fix and lots of doubts. The whole experience was mind-blowing from the first call which led to some 'lightbulb' moments before we'd barely started.  The quality and insight of the verbal and written feedback was way beyond my expectations and Amy was motivating, encouraging and extremely detailed.  I felt inspired, with renewed enthusiasm for my story and I felt like I had a much improved sense of direction in terms of what I want my novel to be.  I've gained a sense of ambition which has led to me making some pretty critical changes to strengthen the plot and drive a much more compelling narrative. I will definitely continue to work with Amy to make this story the best it can be."

Beverley Jandziol

"Emily (Critchley) has been absolutely fantastic. She gave me excellent constructive and actionable feedback on my strengths and weaknesses, was very encouraging and gave me lots of useful tips and advice. Her report was really good and structured in a way that was clear and concise and allowed me to make the necessary changes to my manuscript. Plus the track changes document was great as well. Working with Emily has filled me with enthusiasm for my project and I feel I've made good progress because of her. 'Emily was great. I really enjoyed working with her."

Diana Anyakwo

"Amy gave me excellent feedback and some honest truths that have helped me see where my project was going adrift as well as invaluable insight into what editors are looking for."

Sam Maguire

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