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Daniel Ross

Specialises in: 

Character development, weird fiction, alternative routes to publication.

Services offered: 

Three and six month mentoring, Mini, Midi and Mighty Manuscript Shakedowns. 

About Daniel:  

Daniel Ross is an author and music journalist. His first novel, Bobby Denise is Reigning Rampant, was published in 2019 by Unbound after a successful crowdfunding campaign. He was the digital managing editor for Classic FM until 2018, and has written about music for BBC Music, Rolling Stone, The Fly and The Quietus. As of 2019, he is researching and writing a major new book on Queen for Backbeat Books. 


Daniel is interested in difficult characters, unconventional fiction and quiet comedy. After years of working with teams of journalists, he specialises in rigorous but sensitive editing, consistency of tone and preserving individuality. 


With his wife Emily, Daniel also co-founded Storysmith, an independent bookshop in Bristol. 

Bobby Denise is Reigning Rampant: 


Bobby Denise feels no guilt for what he did. So please: stop asking him about it.

In 1985, one of the best stage magicians in Las Vegas ended his career in front of a horrified paying audience. When Dusty, his prized white tiger, mauled and killed an audience member during a sold-out show, Bobby Denise did something awful that he’s been trying to live with ever since.

Thirty-one years later, Bobby is back: out of jail, out of friends, out of everything. Retreating to his plush LA apartment where he hopes to live out his days in peace, Bobby finds that the entertainment community is not quite ready to forget him. Stalked by a tenacious journalist, beguiled by his neighbour’s domestic Siamese, incensed by a litany of former colleagues, over-reaching has-beens and deluded hangers-on, Bobby is dragged back into the Vegas spotlight to make amends for his past actions.

It does not go well.


'This is a gloriously peculiar fiction and it has left me wondering how long we are going to be made to wait for its successor.'


'Full of dry wit. You love the character then you give up on the character, only to be sucked back in again.'

Read more about Bobby Denise is Reigning Rampant here >> 

More resources: 


Twitter: @danielross85

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