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Emily Morris

Specialises in: 

Comic writing, dialogue, memoir.


Services offered: 

Three month mentoring. 

About Emily: ​

Emily Morris is the author of My Shitty Twenties: A Memoir (Salt Publishing), a funny, frank and touching account of her experiences of becoming a young, single mum. It was featured in Guardian Readers' Favourite Books of 2017 and has been optioned for a TV adaptation by Lime Pictures. Her book started out life as a blog, which won two Manchester blog awards.


In 2017, Emily won a place on the New Writing North Significant Ink programme and in 2019, she will be a Writer in Residence at Gladstone's Library. Emily is represented by Becky Thomas at Johnson and Alcock, and she is currently working on a novel. She has an MA in Writing Studies from Edge Hill University, and is interested in books, fiction or non, that tell women's stories, particularly those from marginalised groups and the working class. Her strengths are in writing honestly, with humour, and especially in writing dialogue, which makes sense because she does talk a lot. 

My Shitty Twenties: 


The baby’s father’s parting shot was “Enjoy your impending shitty, snotty, vomity twenties.”

When Emily Morris was 22 and half way through university, she found out she was pregnant. It felt like an alien invasion but her instincts took over and, despite being totally unmaternal, she found herself going ahead with the pregnancy.

My Shitty Twenties is an award-winning memoir about being a single mum. Emily Morris started writing when her son was two and she needed to try to find something funny in a crap, banal day. Six years later, this is her story.


'The freshest, frankest, wisest, ballsiest memoir I've read. Daring, eloquent, and important: a glorious tale of one woman's triumph over the past and her own fears as she learns how to be a single parent in a world where single is still a dirty word. I cried heaps and adored every page.' Emma Jane Unsworth

'It’s refreshing to see this northern woman’s tale.' Antonia Charlesworth The Big Issue in the North

'This is not a book about a baby but rather a young woman becoming a mother, who would have preferred not to be single but just about coped anyway. The open and honest style of writing is refreshing and a welcome addition to the often infuriatingly upbeat accounts of parenting, a task that may be rewarding but is rarely easy. Emily’s treatment by the smug mums, signaling their virtues in the guise of advice or minor complaints, reminded me of my own experiences. Guilt and pressure to conform are ever present demons.' Author: Jackie Law Source: Never Imitate Blog

Read more about Emily's debut novel My Shitty Twenties here >>

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Twitter: @MsEmilyMorris

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