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Rosy Edwards

Specialises in

Humour, life writing, first person


Rosy is the co-founder of The Riff Raff alongside Amy, so you know she's serious about all things writing. She is the author of Confessions Of A Tinderella, a laugh-out-loud tale of her dating exploits on Tinder and when she's not Riff Raffing, she works as a freelance journalist, largely on the commissioning team for the Opinions desk at 

Mentoring gives you the time, space and focus to make your writing the best it can be. As a mentor, Rosy's goal is to help you find your voice and follow your story as it unfolds – oh, and to be pedantic about your grammar. 

"Rosy's feedback on my first draft has been invaluable. She is the person who made me realise what I sent her was, in fact, a first draft. A great editor, she has a knack for the micro and the macro, and advised on structure as much as character development, and helped me see the bigger picture and devise a plan for draft two. Writers undertaking the Manuscript Shakedown will benefit greatly from their expertise and wise words." Cécile Beauvillard Burman



Read more about Rosy's debut novel Confessions Of A Tinderella here >>

'From Belle du Jour to Bridget Jones, the sexploit confessional has long been a popular genre, but Edwards' new book, Confessions Of A Tinderella, takes it to new levels of disclosure.' Evening Standard

'The perfect gift for your single girlfriend, whether she's still happily swiping or has given up on the dating game. Confessions of a Tinderella as told by former Tinder addict Rosy Edwards, is a hilarious and horrifyingly relatable account of modern dating. Guaranteed to have singletons cringing and laughing in equal measure.' Marie Claire 

'Hilarious ... Confessions of a Tinderella recounts everything from bum-biting to beer goggles with brazen honesty.' Express 

'Totally addicted from the first page. It's relatable, funny and really moving in places. Rosy is amazing at conveying her feelings, especially instances of pathetic fallacy, and at points I had a lump in my throat. Of course it's also funny and endearing - a must read of anyone who has dabbled with dating apps, and lives in a city that can get a bit lonely at times.' Emma Gannon


Twitter: @rosy_edwards

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