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The Riff Raff podcast #20 - Rosie Wilby

Rosy and I spent Episode #20 (can you bloody believe it!) of The Riff Raff podcast essentially interrogating our lovely guest, stand-up comedian Rosie Wilby. Rosie's debut memoir, Is Monogamy Dead? is an informative, insightful and intimate look at monogamy and its place is modern relationships.

In the podcast we discuss the concept of monogamy, how to effectively use personal experience when writing narrative non-fiction and how writing stand-up comedy compares to writing a book. This book is a fab read for anyone interested in learning why monogamy is a thing in the first place and what other options are out there. It raised a lot of questions for me - plus I spent a lot of time laughing.

Rosie is also speaking at our December 14th event in Brixton, along with Laura Kaye (English Animals), Kate Murray-Browne (The Upstairs Room), Julian Furman (This is How We Talk) and Clifford Thompson (Falling Through Fire). We're holding a BIG CHRISTMAS DRAW so every attendee is in with the chance of winning a whole booty of books. Tickets here people. Snap 'em up.

Here are some links to everything Rosie mentions in the podcast:

A New Currency of Commitment - Radio 4 Four Thought

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