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The Riff Raff Podcast #23 - Emma Glass

For this fortnight's podcast we got to chat to the utterly lovely Emma Glass about her fascinating and completely experimental debut novel, 'Peach'. If you're tired of formulaic books - this debut is something truly unique that we're convinced is going to make waves. In fact, George Saunders of Lincoln in the Bardo fame said that Emma's fearlessness with her work 'scared the shit out of him' - now isn't that just the most bad ass thing you've ever heard!

We chatted to Emma about being brave enough to let your weird flag fly, about saying goodbye to writing rules and regulations and how music (and a few wines) inspired her to write 'Peach'. We discuss symbolism in writing and learn all about how Emma secured her publishing deal with Bloomsbury.

Emma is reading from her debut THIS THURSDAY at the Effra Social in Brixton along with Tara Westover, Fiona Mitchell, Will Dean and C.J Tudor. There are a few tickets still up for grabs - buy yours here>>>


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