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The Riff Raff Podcast #34: Paul Howarth

Have you ever read a book that made you bite all of your nails off within the first few chapters? No? Just me then. Only Killers and Thieves by Paul Howarth is one of the most fast-paced but dread-filled books I've read in recent times. And now...he's on The Riff Raff podcast chatting all about how he made the magic happen.

This violent tale follows two brothers as they fight to survive in the Australian outback. Only Killers and Thieves takes a country (Australia) and a genre (the western) that we think we know inside out and wows us at every turn.

We chatted to Paul about building tension via escalations in the book's action, the art of writing violence and using single characters to convey whole themes.

Paul is reading at The Riff Raff THIS THURSDAY and you can snap up the few remaining tickets here >>>


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