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The Riff Raff Podcast #45 - Tara Isabella Burton

Episode #45 of our lovely little podcast is with Tara Isabella Burton, author of Social Creature - a debut which Riff Raff favourite, Emma Flint described as 'The missing link between Bret Easton Ellis and The Secret History'... what a recommendation!

Tara's take on writing was a delight to listen to and we powered through the questions. We discuss the tactic of framing the reader as a certain type of person to draw them in and make them complicit in the story. I shamelessly dug for tips on how to identify the right narrative voice! Annoyingly, Tara's admission that it involved hundreds of thousands of words worth of drafts and a whole lot of trial and error wasn't quite the quick fix I was hoping for!

We learnt all about Tara's writing approach - writing quickly and cutting loads, the freedom that comes with being cool with throwing drafts away, and drawing inspiration from all kinds of mediums. We also get into the 'likeable' characters debate.


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