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The Riff Raff Podcast #53 - Emilie Pine

I bloody love an essay collection, yet not one has hit home with me quite as hard as Notes to Self - a powerful new collection from Irish author, Emilie Pine. This incredible read covers the subjects women keep quiet or that we sanitise to protect others. It's a frank look at the things that we don't admit - to our loved ones and to ourselves.

In Episode 53, we chatted to Emilie about personal essays as an art, and how it's possible to write in a revealing way without upsetting those we love. We consider the power of letting the first draft flow out of you, creativity as a therapeutic tool and how we can care for ourselves as writers.

Emilie speaks so beautifully about the writing process and the importance of telling our stories. I could bang on about how eloquent she was all day, but really you should just have a listen for yourself.


Hannah Gadsby - Nanette Trailer (watch on Netflix)


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