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Who are your characters?

Do you know who your characters are? Sure - they exist in your head, and you feel like you know them, but have you actually sat down and hashed out the finer details of who they are and how they see the world?

If you haven't listened to The Riff Raff podcast episode featuring Elizabeth Macneal, author of Sunday Times Bestseller, The Doll Factory, hop to it. In the interview, Elizabeth reveals that to get to know her characters she completed a character questionnaire. And, my friends...courtesy of Elizabeth herself, here is that very same questionnaire.

This is designed to reveal your characters to you, as well as to generate story ideas and tasty details that have yet to emerge. As you answer these questions, your characters will become more real.

So...grab yourself a cuppa and a fresh bit paper and get to work. You don't have to do it in one go. Feel free to mull it over and return to it another day. But, remember to have fun, go wild, allow new characters to emerge - who knows what wonderful details you will come up with!



Physical description (height, facial shape, hair, glasses, distinguishing features etc.)?

Typical clothing choices?

What city/country/location?

What is their home like?

Method of transportation?

Kind of education?

Do they have a pr