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The Riff Raff Podcast #24 - Danya Kukafka

Danya Kukafka, The Riff Raff

When does YA cross the boundary into adult literature? This was just one of the questions we put to Danya Kukafka, author of the sensational Girl In Snow, when we spoke to her for Episode 24 of The Riff Raff Podcast.

The story centres on the murder of high-schooler Lucinda Hayes and is told from the perspectives of fellow students Cameron and Jade, as well as Russ, the police officer assigned to investigate Lucinda's death.

Danya has written a book about teenagers that isn't for teenagers, and the result is masterful: creeping, eerie yet beautifully, it is driven by it's characters without sacrificing plot. We could not race through it fast enough.

On the podcast, we talk to Danya about how she created three, richly drawn characters; the importance of research and establishing backstory, and why the crucial thing for aspiring writers is to just keep going.


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