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'I'd really love a mentor' (said every aspiring author in the history of books)

The Riff Raff was founded on the belief that writers should help each other out. Writing can be a lonely, madness inducing ol'game so knowing what to expect and that other people are going through the same up's and down's can really help you feel marginally less bonkers. 

In addition, when you're standing on the outside looking in, the publishing business appears to be a big, scary, unapproachable beast.


There's a whole lot of bumf out there, so where can you get solid information about how things work, and how to plan your attack? And, how will you ever know for sure if the book you are writing is ready to see the light of day? 

Introducing The Riff Raff Mentoring Scheme! 


How would you like to be paired with the Mentor Of Your Dreams?


Now you can be!  

Our authors were all in your shoes so the trials and tribulations of getting published are still fresh in their minds. They have the most up-to-date information about how things work right here, right now.

Why is Mentoring helpful?


* Dedicated, one-on-one time is the best way of helping you to improve your writing.


* It allows you space to focus on the questions and issues that matter to you and your writing.

* By making a commitment to your writing, you will make significant progress and take a giant leap towards publication

* You and your mentor will set concrete deadlines, which means no more excuses not to get those words down. 


* Learning how things work from someone in the know is invaluable. We have mentors across all genres so you can work with someone within the same genre. 

* Writing wisdom, can, and should, be passed on from authors who have been published to writers who dream of seeing their own books sparkling on the shelves. 


* Mentoring is one of, if not themost effective and enjoyable way of taking your writing to the next level

Who is The Mentoring Scheme for? 

For the Scheme to be worth your time, it's important to have a hefty chunk of content written that you can work on. Aside from that, it is flexible and works for: 

* Writers of fiction, non-fiction, short story collections and mixtures of all three! 


* Those that are almost pitch-ready and who want guidance to hone their chapters to perfection


* Unpublished writers


* Published or self-published writers who are looking for additional input on their projects

That sounds great! How does The Riff Raff Mentoring Scheme work?


Step 1: Prepare a sample of your work and 500-word synopsis

The sample should be an extract from the book you are working on and that you want guidance with. Not everyone is at the stage where mentoring will be useful, so these documents will be used to establish if our scheme is right for you.


If not, don't worry - we offer other services that may be better for where you are at right now. Check them out here. 

Your 500-word synopsis should succinctly sum up the book, highlighting plot, main characters and themes. This will allow us greater understanding of your project, and will ensure you are matched with the most relevant Mentor. 

Step 2: Pick a Mentor

Next, you need to read each Mentors' profile carefully to find the right match. 


Also, check out their work to determine if they are the person best served to help you with your specific project. You need to supply three Mentor choices when you apply. We will help you to determine the best option. 

We will do our best to match you with your first choice author, as long as we (The Riff Raff and the Mentor) agree that they are your best choice. 


We want you to get the most from this service. Therefore, if we read your sample and your synopsis, hear more about your project and think there is someone better served to help you achieve your goals - we will suggest them to you. 


Please note: Mentoring is a professional relationship. You need to select a Mentor based on their writing style, interests and experience, not on how much you want to go for a pint with them. 

Step 3: Submit your application

We will get back to you within 30-days of your application to let you know if you have been successful and to confirm your Mentor.

Then the fun can really begin.

What you'll receive:


The Riff Raff Mentor Scheme runs over the course of three or six months (check your Mentor page to see what they offer).

During this time, you will receive: 


  •  3 or 6x one-hour face-to-face Skype or FaceTime calls with your Mentor (one call per month)

  •  3 or 6x hours of your Mentors' time in which they will read, assess and make detailed feedback notes on your writing

  •  Practical, tangible advice on how to develop your book

  •  Technical tips on refining, editing and improving your writing

  •  Advice on preparing your manuscript for submission and sourcing an agent

  •  Unparalleled insight into the publishing process

  •  Tips on how to hone your writing routine in order to make progress and to excel

  •  A bumper load of guides and templates on how to submit your manuscript, find the right agent and more.  


How much does The Riff Raff Mentoring Scheme cost: 


The total cost of Riff Raff Mentoring is £750 (3-months) or £1,375 (6-months) which includes:

  • Mentoring sessions

  • Ongoing support from The Riff Raff 

  • Support documents to prepare your manuscript for pitch

  • Free tickets to Riff Raff events

  • Priority reading slots at Riff Raff events when (that's right, when) your book is published 

You will find lots more information about The Riff Raff Mentoring Scheme in our FAQs right here >>

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