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Nicola Mostyn

Specialises in: 

Story structure, getting past the blocks, fantasy.

Services offered: 

Three month mentoring. 

Nicola says:

Hi, I’m Nicola. I’ve been a freelance writer since 2001, including roles as an editor, book reviewer, features writer, columnist and fictional agony aunt. In 2016 I completed and pitched out my first novel, The Gods of Love. Described as Bridget Jones meets Neil Gaiman, the book landed me my dream agent and a two-book deal with Piatkus, was chosen as one of i-news’ Top Ten Debuts in 2018 and became an Amazon bestseller in multiple categories. The sequel will be published in 2019.

All stories have a perfect form so let’s help you find yours. By establishing the emotional trajectories, characters arcs, the highs and lows, the intrigue and the turning points of your story, we’ll ensure readers are hooked until the very last page.

I’m fascinated by the invisible emotional work that creating something from nothing requires (and am currently co-writing a non-fiction title with a Life Coach on this subject). Need some emotional support along with your story critique? I offer compassionate and practical advice to keep you on track.

The Gods of Love: 

Shortlisted for the Writers' Guild Best First Novel. INews Top 10 Debuts in 2018, and Netgalley Top February Reads.


Meet Frida: divorce lawyer, cynic and secret descendant of the immortal love god Eros. She's about to have a really bad day . . .

When a handsome but clearly delusional man named Dan bursts into Frida's office and insists that she is fated to save the world, she has him ejected faster than you can say 'prenup'.

But a creepy meeting, a demon or three and one attempted kidnapping later, Frida is beginning to face the inconvenient truth: Dan is in fact The Oracle, the gods of Greek mythology are real and Frida herself appears to be everyone's only hope.

The world is doomed.

Bridget Jones by way of Neil Gaiman, this uplifting and laugh-out-loud story will change the way you look at love - and humanity - for ever.


'A proper page-turner! Suspenseful, mysterious, spooky and witty - and great fun.' Justin Myers, author of The Last Romeo

'Adventurous, magical, and very, very funny!' Emma Jane Unsworth, author of Animals

'Smart, witty, and refreshingly - wilfully - free spirited. Mostyn's deft touch with dialogue and incident powers the story along. I loved it.' Netgalley reviewer

'I really enjoyed this magical adventure, some really fun ideas about mankind and the search for love. The references to classic mythology were nicely done and the whole thing works well.' Waterstones Bookseller

Read more about Nicola's debut novel The Gods of Love here >>

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Twitter: @NicolaMostyn

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