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The Riff Raff Manuscript Shakedown

Manuscript assessment...but not as you know it

You’ve existed in your filthy pyjamas, drunk a lifetime's worth of coffee and, finally, after plotting, planning (tearing your hair out) and writing for what feels like forever, you’ve finally finished the first draft of your novel. Or some of it, anyway. We salute you. Go out and treat yourself to something delicious immediately.  

Whether you’re three chapters or three 100k drafts’s time to get some feedback.

Welcome to The Riff Raff Manuscript Shakedown.

What is The Riff Raff Manuscript Shakedown? 
(well...less of a shakedown, more of a hug)

This is a manuscript assessment service with a difference. Instead of sending your writing off to be reviewed by an anonymous reader you don't know from Adam, you will get one-to-one, face-to-face feedback from Amy or one of our superb author mentors, as well as detailed analysis on your writing, strategies for improvement and advice on developing the arc of your book. 

We know that showing people your writing before you think it’s perfect is scary. This is why we have designed The Riff Raff Manuscript Shakedown specifically to be the friendliest, most supportive and, hell, FUN manuscript assessment service out there. 

Why do I need manuscript feedback?

All writers need the fresh eyes of someone with writing and publishing knowledge to give feedback on their writing – even the super famous ones. Think J.K. Rowling sold millions on her own? Think George Orwell wrote Animal Farm without an editor?

When experienced editors and writers read your work they spot plot holes you’ve missed. They can tell you where more (or less) information is required. They can explain exactly why a character is or isn't working, and suggest how to go about making the changes you need. The feedback you will receive will be objective, truthful and geared towards meeting your specific aspirations for your book.


Do you guarantee I'll get published?

Seeking manuscript feedback does not guarantee you'll get published, nor does reading a book called 'How To Get Published', praying or dancing naked in the moonlight (although that one does sound like fun). We wish we could offer you guarantees, but sadly, that's not how things work. The Riff Raff Manuscript Shakedown is not a magical trapdoor directly to the Man Booker stage.


However, if you're interested in a thorough assessment of your manuscript designed to define your aims, improve the quality and professionalism of your writing, and to help you progress towards submitting your book to agents, this is the right service for you.



What do I get for my money? 

The Riff Raff Manuscript Shakedown is broken down into four stages:


Stage 1 – Consultation call - Duration: 1 hour


Over Skype/ FaceTime, we’ll get to know you and dig down deep into your book idea. We’ll discuss what you are writing, and why, and define not only what you want to get of your Shakedown, but what you want to achieve with your book and your writing. We'll address any pressing concerns, questions and aims about your work from the outset to ensure the feedback you get is genuinely useful and personal to you and your book.

Stage 2 – Written feedback


After the consultation call we will read your submission and generate rigorous notes on your writing. We will be looking at factors including (but not limited to):

      - The structure, style and flow of your text

      - Narrative voice

      - Your characters, their development and their interplay

      - Dialogue

      - Language choice

      - Plot development

      - Genre

      - How and where your writing and idea sits in the market

Stage 3 – Summary call - Duration: 1 hour


When we have compiled the feedback and you've had time to read and digest, we will arrange a Skype/FaceTime call at your convenience to talk through the feedback, to provide clarity on points raised and to discuss your next steps. 

Stage 4 – E-Mail support - Duration: 30 days

After our chat, we will be on-call via email for 30-days. Burning question? Writer’s block? A sudden change of plot direction? New scenes you'd like us to take a peek at. Even the smallest question or query, let us know and we’ll act as a sounding board and make suggestions to guide you through.

And some added extras

We also provide a detailed Shakedown Information Pack for you to take away that runs through:

     - Techniques on how to edit your work yourself

     - Tips on cover letters and submissions

     - Advice for contacting agents

     - Information on the publishing and book marketing process

Who will look at my work?

We have a range of authors across all genres offering to give your manuscript the Shakedown treatment. You can check them out here.



Whether you need intensive analysis or a confidence boost, we offer a number of packages designed to meet your budget and where you're at with your work in progress.


You can choose to have just a small amount of your words looked at in detail, or - if you want your whole manuscript assessed - we offer bespoke packages to suit you.

How do I apply? 

Drop Amy an email at to discuss your specific needs. 

Mini Shakedown: up to 5k words

- x2 1 hour Skype calls

- In-depth written feedback

- 30-day support


Midi Shakedown: up to 10k words

- x2 1 hour Skype calls

- In-depth written feedback

- 30-day support

- x2 free tickets to a Riff Raff event


Mighty Shakedown: up to 20k words

- x2 1 hour Skype calls

- In-depth written feedback

- 30-day support

- x2 free tickets to a Riff Raff event

- 20% off The Riff Raff Mentoring Scheme

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