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Who are The Riff Raff?

As you've stumbled upon our site, chances are you're wondering who The Riff Raff are, and what kinds of undesirables are in our gang. Allow us to explain...

We’re a community of people excited to hear from debut authors about their work, creative processes and publishing journey…

...but who up until now haven’t found an arena to afford them the chance.

We’re a group of people hoping to one day write words that make the world sing…

...but who have a fair few obstacles to pole vault over before we get there.

We’re a community of folk dreaming of the piles of cash we’ll roll around in when our latest book makes the bestsellers list...

...but who currently exist on a diet of lentils and hope.

We’re a gang of kind souls who long for human connections with people who understand what it’s like to be a writer…

...but who currently leave the house very rarely and usually only under the cover of night.

Let The Riff Raff be your first foray into the world of publishing. We’re friendly, interested in you, and most importantly, incredibly understanding of the fact we’re likely to be the first human interaction you’ve had all day. We might be Riff Raff, but we’re bloody lovely.

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