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Introducing The Riff Raff Mentoring Scheme!

*Eye of the Tiger starts playing*

*30 incredible authors start shadow boxing as smoke billows around the library floor*

What on earth is going on, you ask?

We're warmed up and ready to help you get published, that's what!

Today isn't just a bog standard Monday people, oh no, it's a momentous day for The Riff Raff and for all of you guys dreaming about getting published in 2019 and beyond.

We're absolutely frickin' delighted to announce the launch of The Riff Raff Mentoring Scheme – a three month programme that pairs you with a sensational author and provides you with all the writing and publishing industry guidance you need to move to the next stage... aka pitching your wonderful idea to agents.

The array of hugely talented authors we’ve roped into our scheme is incredible. We have award-winners and nominees, best-sellers and all round decent, talented folk with insight (across all genres), humour and expertise to share with you.

You can check out our sublime list of mentors here, but below are just some of their gorgeous faces to whet-your-whistle.

L-R from top: Helen Cullen, Sophie Mackintosh, Rowan Hisayo-Buchanan, Nick Clark Windo, Imogen Hermes Gowar, Sharlene Teo, Nell Stevens, Emma Glass, Paul Howarth

The thinking behind it...

As you know, The Riff Raff ethos is to 'champion the work of debut authors and to support aspiring writers'.

In that vein, many moons ago, when Rosy and I were just starting to think about where we could take this community, the idea of an affordable mentoring service was at the forefront of our minds.

We wanted to create a in-depth, useful, and affordable service for aspiring writers who can't afford to pay an arm, a leg (and decent chunk of torso), to get access to insider knowledge and invaluable advice from those in the know.

We also wanted to create a scheme to support and value the time, knowledge and incredible talent of our author Mentors, so that they can keep on writing and producing words and stories that inspire...because the world needs more good stories right now, don't you think?

Is it right for me?

The Riff Raff Mentoring Scheme is designed for those of you nearing pitch time. You either have your three chapters at the ready, or you are primed and ready to bash them out.

Over the course of the three months of the scheme, your Mentor will help you to craft, hone and perfect your writing so that you are ready to send it out into the world, sparkling and ready to ignite industry auctions galore.

Sounds like just what you've been searching for? Sounds like the world's best Christmas gift for you or a loved one? BRILLIANT.

You can read all the nitty gritty about how The Riff Raff Mentoring Scheme works and how you can get involved here.

Any questions at all, email us at

We are so excited to get cracking and to start helping all you talented buggers to get your writing out into the big, wide, world where it belongs.

Go, Go, Go!!

Amy and Rosy xxx

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