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The Riff Raff Podcast #16 - Gabriel Tallent

If you've been paying close attention to the literary press, you will have no doubt heard all about this week's podcast guest, Gabriel Tallent. In 'My Absolute Darling', a tale of surviving abuse set against California's remote coastline, Gabriel has created a masterpiece, Stephen King even said it himself! Rosy and I were delighted to get to chat to Gabriel - who offered so many snippets of wisdom, it was hard to concentrate on what he was saying while writing them all down!

In the podcast we discuss how time is essential to writing a book that challenges your own preconceptions, how to work out who your characters are through hefty amounts of trial and error, calling yourself a 'writer' - and how, if you want to succeed there's only one thing for it...WRITE LIKE HELL.

Excuse us while we pop off to get matching tattoos.

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