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The Riff Raff Podcast #56 - Kat Poole

Kat Poole, Episode 56 of The Riff Raff Podcast

Do you know how this adulting malarky is supposed to work? Nope, us neither, which is why we are so bloody grateful to Kat Poole and Lucy Tobin for writing Being an Adult: the ultimate guide to moving out, getting a job, and getting your act together (could this be the best book title ever?).

We practically forced Kat to join us in our furry podcasting booth and spill her secrets. Sadly, Lucy was unable to join us (she was busy doing actual adult things) but Kat is the most beautiful soul who went into great detail about the writing process and meeting readers' expectations – because when it comes to learning the secrets of life, people have a few.

In Episode 56 of The Riff Raff Podcast we talk to Kat about what it was like to write a book with someone else – and a stranger at that (although they were BFFs by the end of it); how to decide what to cover when your book can go down infinite different avenues and the considerations of writing a book designed to help other people. It's a really wonderful episode and we hope it helps you as much as it did us.

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