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The Riff Raff podcast #21 - Clifford Thompson

The moment we heard about Clifford Thompson's debut memoir Falling Through Fire, we knew we had to snap Cliff and his book up – not only for the Riff Raff meet-up on Thursday 14th December, but for the podcast. This was a book we needed to discuss.

Clifford Thompson | The Riff Raff

Falling Through Fire is an account of Cliff's time as a fireman in the London Fire Brigade. It marries the high drama you might expect from someone on the front line with Cliff's personal insight – something so timely and valuable in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. On the podcast, we discuss how doing an MA helped Cliff craft his memoir and take it to publication, how writers should approach sensitive material and why life experience is the key to becoming an accomplished author.


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